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2023 Manifestation Program

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This program supports manifesting with success all year! Choose expansion and manifest your intentions and dreams to fruition!

The program expands on the Manifestation Mindset series (4 videos). 

  • Introduction to mega manifesting
  • Mindset reset and  how to create intentions
  • Obstacles and how to release blocked energy
  • Core beliefs & energy investment 

Learn proven techniques that make manifesting possible. Experience a mindset reset with a checklist to revisit and refine what you wish to manifest. 

Manifest love, abundance, health, and your highest needs with a clear outline for success.  Learn to work smarter, not harder.

Receive mantra techniques to remove obstacles and energy balancing techniques to create space.

2023 Manifestation Program Includes:

  • On-demand access to Manifestation Mindset series (4 videos) [Value $55]
    • Quarterly Zoom check-ins to experience the following:
      • Live Zoom + replay from 5:30-6pm MT// 7:30-8pm ET
      • March 29: Journal inquiries and intentions 
      • June 28: Beliefs and Attachments
      • September 27: Both/And + Either/Or
      • December 27: How to clear energy blocks
      • [Value $80]
  • Monthly inquiries and meditations to support mega manifesting all year! [Value $100]

  • Weekly access to Zoom Fascia Yoga class for one month! Each week includes live Zoom + a replay. Yoga class Wednesday 4-5pm MT// 6-7pm ET.
    • Class designed to release held tension and blocked energy in head, neck, shoulders, low back, hips, and pelvis with movement, breath, and meditation.  
    • Class open to all levels. 
    • [Value $60]
  • On-demand chakra balancing meditation + singing bowls [Value $15]
  • Lifetime, on-demand access to Manifestation Mindset series + 2023 Manifestation Program videos. [Value $135]

Get accountable, action-based practices + community support!!

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