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Welcome to HK Community Connection!

Monthly classes to nourish your mind, body, and spirit!

  • Purchase classes individually and get access for 7 days.
  • Each class is available monthly on 1st of each month.
  • Get access to all community classes with HK subscriptions.

HK Community Classes are FREE for 

Yoga + MeditationGemstone Subscriptions members.

Enjoy unlimited, on-demand access.

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New Year Manifestation Meditation


Grief Meditation


Yoga for Low Back & Psoas

 Rest and Renewal for Caretakers


Yoga for Pelvic Health: Head Pain 


Chronic Illness Meditation

Gentle Yoga for Chronic Illness


 Energy Balance Yoga


Yoga for Pelvic Health: Low Back & Hip Pain


Deep Sleep Gemstone Meditation


Mental Health Habits Series


Ancestor & Beloved Meditation

Cleansing Ritual & Meditation


Gratitude Gemstone Meditation

Gemstone-Infused Singing Bowl Meditation


Peace Meditation

Meditation eBook: Guide to Inner Balance & Peace

2022 Classes 

All 2022 community classes are available  on-demand  with Yoga + Meditation & Gemstone Subscriptions 

Boundaries & Self-Awareness 

Explore establishing safe boundaries, self-awareness, and how to replenish your energy reservoir. 


Mental Clarity + Yoga

Clear the mind of mental chatter, find stillness amidst chaos, and release scripts from worry, doubt, and fear. 


Immune Boost + Gemstone Meditation

Experience immune boosting breath techniques and manual massage to reduce inflammation and congestion.  Class concludes with gentle movement and yoga nidra meditation for deep healing. 


Grounding & Centered 

Supportive seasonal pivoting techniques to balance mood and body to stay grounded and centered. Alleviate illness and reduce inflammation with scientific-based breathing exercises. Over 20 grounding techniques to discover and help you align! Class concludes with an energy flow to anchor and center you.


Yoga for Pelvic Health 

Learn about pelvic health, spinal alignment, how to reduce neck and back pain with proven breath and somatic techniques. Expand pelvic floor awareness interoceptively and learn how to intelligently increase pelvic floor tone. This class includes informative anatomy, yoga postures for pelvic health, and pranayama for breath exploration. This class is empowering and increases joy and creativity!


Seasonal Affective Disorder 

Do you experience low energy, fatigue, and sadness during the change of seasons and light?  Learn how to boost your mood and energy when experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder and/or like symptoms. Understand the role of melatonin and serotonin for sleep and mood and how to balance them naturally. Reframe your brain for more energy and positivity. Empower yourself with tactics to nourish healthy hibernation and combat the autumn and winter "blues".  This session is not intended to diagnose or treat SAD medically.


Gratitude Ritual and Journal Tips

Cultivate gratitude daily for increased psychological and physical well-being.  Learn how gratitude gifts you more abundance and happiness.  Includes a gratitude ritual and journaling guidance. 


Gratitude Yoga + Meditation

Gratitude for the mOMents to move and nourish the body with breath. Enjoy this Gratitude Yoga + Meditation class.

Gratitude for YOU and your presence in the HK community!


Calm & Centered Fascia Yoga + Meditation 

On-demand viewing allows you to customize your practice based on your time + mind, body, and spirit needs. Stay calm and centered during the holidays with the entire 30-minute class or fast forward to the meditation. 

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