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30c Homeopathic Gem Essence  

HK Gemstone Elixirs elevate your well-being and stimulate your innate healing process with mineral, gem, and flower energies. The elixirs are natural remedies, homeopathic 30c preparations.

Gem Essences are created from pure, natural gemstones and are not heat-treated, exposed to chemicals, and are free from excipient ingredients. Pure gem energy resonance in each elixir! 

Ancient gemstone and mineral wisdom that is easily and safely ingested to optimize your healing journey. 

Preserved in brandy or apple cider vinegar and packaged in cobalt blue one ounce bottles. No alcohol preservation available by email request only. 



Mineralized resin helpful for overall fear, fear of travel, and claustrophobia. Eases anxiety and depression. Clears the lungs, increases circulation, and fortifies vital heart energy.



Historically worn to guard against the plague and sickness. Offers physical and emotional healing. Fortifies the heart energy, peace, harmony, patience, love, and wisdom of the heart. Excellent for breathing, lymph, immunity, blood sugar balance, and detoxifies. Inspires calm, clear assurance. 


Lapis Lazuli

Deep azul, deep blue with flecks of gold to connect with higher self, open intuition, and enhance meditation and sentient abilities. Attracts good fortune. Elevates self-expression, creativity, confidence, and calm clarity. Helps with dream insight, writing, and quiets the mind.



Luminous gem energy to rejuvenate and nourish new beginnings. Assist with the female process, particularly helpful for menopause and reproductive health. Soothes stress, anxiety, and digestion. Nourishes the adrenals and absorbs pain. Tranquil and balancing energy to awaken new beginnings. Encourages, unblocks, and balances.



Aragonite layered mineral energy to soothe, increase emotional stability, mental strength, and contentment. Improves reproductive system and aids in digestion. Combats fevers, exhaustion, breathing difficulties, and inflammation. Amplifies a pure heart and faith. *Balance with black tourmaline and fluorite gemstone if you experience congestion or weight gain.



Helpful to connect one to spiritual truth and destiny. Regenerates, balances, and alleviates melancholy. Banishes fear, jealousy, irritable energy, and infection. Calms and soothes anger and spasms. Inspires renewal, vigor and is excellent for healers. *Not suitable for pregnant women.



Pure gem energy to stimulate healing and amplify the resonance of other gem elixirs ingested. Soothes emotions and alleviates fear, dizziness. Perfect for affirmations, intentions, and prayers. Educates, empowers, and attunes to peace.



Brilliant, courageous gem essence for vitality and will. Strengthens the heart, improves digestion, and increases energy. Amplifies positive energy and passion. Filters and detoxifies the body. “Lord of gems” for visualization and all matters of love.


Shanti + Quartz

Pure peace and tranquility with powerful quartz healing for expanded bliss.


Tiger's Eye

Grounds centering insight and aids in periods of transition. Benefits the spleen, digestive organs, and pancreas. Clears vision, fosters fortitude, and brings awareness to the needs of self and others. Manifest, attract abundance, and amplify clear focus and willpower.



Golden gem resonance emanating fulfillment and manifesting dreams. Relieves negativity, sadness, dismay, and tension. Inspires leadership, sentient abilities, and spiritual growth.



The Egyptians mined turquoise in 4,000BC for metaphysical strength, amplifying ritual and faith. Tones and strengthens the entire constitution. Curative gem energy for addictive behaviors, clearing energy blocks, and benefits hearing and eyesight. Stimulates enthusiasm, laughter and joy, purpose, discipline, and empowers artistic talents.



Empowers the crown chakra, mind, expands perception, and imagination. Harmonizing gem energy to aid with sleep, steadiness, and connecting with “All That Is”. Powerful detoxifier and balances pituitary and pineal glands. Promotes prosperity, honor, and wisdom.

2 oz Single Elixir  $35

2 oz Blend 3 Elixirs $85  

HK Gem Elixirs are not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. HK Gem Elixirs offer therapeutic, holistic, supplemental support.  Consult your healthcare provider or seek other professional medical treatment if you have medical concern.

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