Maximize this summer pro tip for staycation bliss!

Maximize this summer pro tip for staycation bliss!

As life continues with safety parameters and social distancing, I invite your to expand your idea of "taking" a vacation. 

Take a vacation within! Choose a staycation slim down within.

Melting away thoughts of negativity, lower resonant energy and clearing space to optimize health and attaining goals.  

Negative mental banter is like a megaphone in a closet blasting to all your cells.  Feels abrasive doesn't it?  Yet, there are moments that this is true for us all.  

How do negative thoughts affect you?
We are about 70% water and so is the Earth. We can improve our inner environment and outer by resonating with more positive attitudes, words, and states of consciousness. 

Amazing science by Dr. Masura Emoto shows that positive intentions, words, music, vibrations affect water beautifully. Negative intentions, words, music, vibrations affect water adversely.

Take a closer look!  From the book "The Message from Water", explains the findings withe water crystals subjected to an array of thoughts.

How about some cool positive snowflake images for these hot summer days!

I invite you to take a permanent vacation from the inner critic.  Play with the freedom of relinquishing negative banter within. Reframe thoughts that create stagnation and lackluster presence.

Increase Positivity
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Happy summer & vital health and peace to you!