Yoga & Meditation Zoom Events

Weekly Live Zoom Class

Flexible & Calm Fascia Yoga

Live Zoom class on Wednesday 4-5pm (Mountain Time) 

Attend live Zoom class and/or receive the one-week replay.

Your yoga teacher Erin Doty is certified in Myofascial Yoga. 

Props Needed:  Yoga mat, blanket or towel, yoga strap, two tennis balls, two yoga blocks or same size sturdy props.


Yoga Pass - 10 or 25 classes

Breath for Wholeness Series

Live Zoom series begins July 5, 12, 19, 26, August 2, 9, 16, 23 at 5:30-6pm MT + on-demand replays with unlimited, lifetime access to the series.

Explore the gift of Pranayama, one the eight limbs of yoga philosophy for wholeness.

Understand the science of how the breath transforms the body, mind, emotions, energy, and intuition. 

Optimize your health, regulate your nervous system, and increase relaxation with breathing techniques to offer unity.

This series offers a curated daily breath practice that fosters embodiment and transformation. Releasing energetic residue frozen in the connective tissue and nourishing the nervous system with science-based breath methods and self-awareness.

Experience gentle movement and meditation to support breath for wholeness.
In this series, practice breathing techniques to:

  • Combat fatigue
  • Boost immunity
  • Strengthen the lungs
  • Regulate the nervous system
  • Tone the pelvic floor
  • Heart & grief healing
  • Detoxify & clear
  • Charka energy balance
  • Improve memory
  • Deepen relaxation
  • Reduce insomnia 
  • Align with heart-centered presence
  • Expand intuition
  • Mega manifest 
  • Unify for wholeness

This series includes live Zoom meetings + on-demand replays with unlimited, lifetime viewing!


Tech Overload

Do you often feel drained after screen time? Plugging in daily is zapping your vital energy. Learn symptoms of EMF exposure and relief from tech drain. Receive insight on how to best structure techbreaks for optimal motivation, productivity, and clarity. Experience somatic relaxation, eye exercises, breathing techniques, and a meditation to increase energy.

 On-Demand Recording

Meditation Series

Live Zoom 4-week series on September 6, 13, 20, 27 from 5:30-6pm + On-Demand access with unlimited lifetime viewing.

Do you have a busy mind?

Are you navigating pain, loss... chronic illness?

Do you feel overwhelmed and uninspired?

Welcome, this is your invitation to deepen, to surrender and learn the power of your own presence of peace with meditation. 

Series includes four 60-minute guided meditation masterclasses to explore meditation preparation and how yoga supports a meditation practice.

Meditation masterclasses will prepare you for a meditation self-practice without a guide, app, or guided audio recording. 

  • Learn breath techniques to clarify and calm the body.
  • Tune into the best music for meditation.
  • Discover self-awareness, sense withdrawal, and stimulus as a guide for meditation. 
  • Learn how to heal yourself through breath and stillness.  

These masterclasses are for anyone new to meditation or for those who desire to strengthen an existing meditation practice.

 This masterclass series offers 4 CEUs for yoga teachers.

Minimum 6 to hold the series.

"I recently participated in Erin's 4 week Meditation series and can now say that I know how to meditate well! After 7 years of listening to guided meditations and not knowing how to progress, Erin equipped me with the tools to incorporate meditation into my daily routine without the aid of audio prompts. I not only know how to center, breathe, focus and meditate when sitting quietly, but I am able to use these same mindfulness practices while going about life - cooking dinner, in the car, walking, waiting rooms etc. 
Erin is a master at what she does - yoga, meditation, energy work - and I continue to benefit weekly from her instruction in each. My gratitude for Erin and HK is hard to express. She has brought light and learning and health into my life and I look forward to how we will grow together from here. " ~ Megan M.

This series includes live Zoom meetings + on-demand replays with unlimited, lifetime viewing!


Grief Series

Live Zoom Series + On-Demand, unlimited lifetime access to the series.

4-week Series Live on Zoom starts November 1, 8, 15, 29 from 5:30-6pm MT.

Deepen acceptance and learn how to navigate grief, loss, and mourning. Understand of the somatic layers of your own grief experience and learn how to allow love to expand during this time of transition.  This offering is for anyone needing heart healing support and connection.

Enjoy sacred sharing, community, and support with guided inquiry, heart healing and breath techniques to move grief safely. Learn how to accept the layers of mourning and honor loss and transition. 

The Grief Series includes a gentle yoga and meditation class to release unresolved imprints of fear, anger, trauma, and to heal the heart. 
Receive sweet solace, tender healing space, and connection for loneliness, loss, and bereavement 
Minimum 6 to hold the series.

Erin Doty is a certified Death Doula supporting others with grief and loss.  Erin provides a conduit of connection, clarity, and peace during the spectrum of the death journey. She facilitates and assists with planning end of life ceremonies, legacy work, living funerals, and vigils for all sentient beings. 

This series includes live Zoom meetings + on-demand replays with unlimited, lifetime viewing!



Yoga for Pelvic Health Series

Live Zoom 10-week Series + On-Demand

March 6, 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17, 24 from 5:30-6:15pm MT + On-Demand access with unlimited, lifetime viewing.

Series includes ten, 30-minute Yoga for Pelvic Health masterclasses.

  1. Yoga for Pelvic Health Self-Assessment Checklist, Anatomy, Breath
  2. Energy of the Pelvis
  3. Pelvis & Low Back 
  4. Pelvic, Low Back, Back, Neck, Head Pain Relief
  5. Hormone & Energy Balance 
  6. Pelvic Tone & Intimate Joy
  7. Incontinence & Intestinal Health
  8. Immunity & Pelvic Health
  9. Yoga for Pelvic Health Movement & Meditation Class
  10. Yoga for Pelvic Health Breath Class

These masterclasses are for: anyone new to yoga for pelvic health, seeking understanding and support for relief from pelvis conditions, preparing or recovering from pelvis surgery or experience. 

 This masterclass series offers 8 CEUs for yoga teachers.

Minimum 6 to run the series.