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Mental Health Habits Masterclasses

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Mental Health Habits Series

Explore mental health & brain habits that drain you daily!

Learn how to re-frame them for greater energy balance mentally and physically.

Increase mood and mindful living with mental health awareness, movement, and meditation.

Learn over 20 ways you can increase mental and brain health easily! 

In this four-part series, workshop integrating mental health habits for emotional balance, mental clarity, and somatic cueing for relaxation.

Video 1: Check-in and reframe. Experience thinking as consciousness.

Video 2: 20 Ways to Balance Mental Health + Grounding Meditation

Video 3: Emote, Movement and Meditation

Video 4: Energy, Gratitude and Mantra Meditation

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Remember Your Tools Amidst Chaos 

Have you every rode a stress wave all the way to fatigue and confusion? Do you have a toolbox of self-care tools that you often forget during stress? This class revisits Mental HealthHabits and how to remember your tools amidst chaos.  Learn what chronic stress does to the brain and how to create brain resilience in this yoga workshop.  Use your relationship with stress positively for mental health balance. Navigate the amygdala highjack with group inquiries. Try neuroplasticity and retrain your brain during stress.  

Mental Health Habits in Relationships 

Learn to meet each other with compassion using the tools from Mental Health Habits. Navigate how to move from frustration and anger to peace and openness. Tune into cues within and externally to empower you towards peaceful communication. Discover through prompted inquiries your relationship to self and challenging persons. Connect your brain with your heart through guided meditation and deepen your relationships. 

5-Part Tracking Series

Yoga for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Do you experience low energy, fatigue, and sadness during the change of seasons and light?  Learn how to boost your mood and energy during seasonal affective disorder and/or like symptoms. Understand the role of melatonin and serotonin for sleep and mood and how to balance them naturally. Reframe your brain for more energy and positivity. Empower yourself with tactics to nourish healthy hibernation and combat the autumn and winter "blues".

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