About Erin Doty

Erin Doty - Photo by Geren Imaging


Erin Doty offers clients a clear path to envision, transform, manifest, and embody their truth!  

With insight, inspiration, and clarity, learn to tap into your inner knowing and clear the barriers within to expand to your highest potential.

Erin is owner of HK Higher Knowing, which integrates yoga, wellness, and gemstones for therapeutic use.  Her authenticity and joy allows for an inviting and welcome experience for everyone in person and virtually. 

Why Work with Erin Doty?

  • Discover specific facets to live fearlessly, live boldly 
  • Align with clear direction towards self-awareness
  • Navigate trauma safely and pain on any level with ease
  • Enjoy optimal health and tap into your personal power
  • Clear body and environment from energy stagnation
  • Stop questioning and manifest
  • Approach death mindfully and courageously

About Erin

Erin has a degree in Journalism and Nutrition from Colorado State University and 35 years of wellness, holistic health, and management experience.  She worked with Whole Foods Market, The Ritz-Carlton, Virginia Tech College, fitness centers and yoga studios, presented at yoga festivals, and assisted clients nationally and worldwide.

She’s successfully navigated an arduous healing path with chronic Lyme disease for over two decades and is cleared of Lyme.  Erin learned and became certified in several of the modalities that helped her peel back the layers of mycotoxcity (mold sensitivity), chronic fatigue and pelvic pain, and the many aspects of navigating chronic illness.


Erin understands how to support chronic pain, hormone imbalance, pelvic floor complications, chronic stress and illness, anxiety and panic attacks, neurological disruptions (seizures and memory loss), weight loss and management, and how to boost immunity.


Erin uses gemstone clairaudience as a channeling conduit to assist others with balancing energy and manifesting well-BEing. Erin is a visionary with amplified gemstone and energy intuition and a  TAOMCHI Master of Crystalogy. She offers gemstone energy readings and clearings, gemstone products, and creates custom crystal jewelry.

She specializes in teaching others how to maximize gemstone connection for therapeutic use. She teaches private clients in person and virtually.

Passionate about honoring the grief process for all beings, Erin Doty is a certified Death Doula. She is deeply honored to support you and your loved one during this time of passage and bereavement. Erin is trained in self-awareness, trauma, end of life preparation, transition and grief support.

Yoga Journey

"The gift of space created by my yoga practice on and off the mat is undeniably powerful! It meets me where I am and invites me to gently unfold, align, and unify. For over a decade now, my yoga practice continues to offer transformation and greater peace." Erin Doty


Erin Doty is registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT200, E-RYT500, YACEP). She is CPR certified and insured.  Erin has taught over 4000 hours of yoga and self-awareness classes.

Erin is Yoga Warriors International (YWI) certified; providing her with insight and specific tools to share yoga with active and retired military, veterans, families and caregivers, first responders, amputees, any persons affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) & COSR (Combat Operational Stress Response), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and anyone who has experienced trauma.

Expanding her ability to support yoga for all bodies, all mobility ranges, and anyone who feels they cannot do yoga.  Erin is Body Positive Yoga certified. She helps new yogis feel supported and explore radical body acceptance and greater self-love.

Erin Doty invites you to embrace a creative and positive healing journey and expand into your optimal potential!

Why Choose HK Gems & Energy Services?

Erin Doty has over 20 years experience working with gemstones personally. Since 2015, Erin has offered professional crystal readings, energy clearing , gemstones, gemstone elixirs, and crystal jewelry for therapeutic use.

  • Erin Doty is a certified TAOMCHI Master of Crystology 
  • Erin is a crystal medical intuitive and medium
  • HK gemstones, crystals, and products are ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • Extensive meditation experience with crystals for over 15 years.
  • All HK products are hand selected and the gemstone collection is curated by Erin Doty, owner of HK Higher Knowing, LLC.
  • HK gemstones, products, and jewelry are intended for therapeutic use.
  • All gemstones are high vibration and exceptional quality. 
  • HK gemstone jewelry is made with sterling silver accents.
  • Custom orders are welcome!

Erin welcomes you to the ever giving and therapeutic wisdom of yoga, wellness, and gemstones at HK! 

    • Learn about and shop gemstones from the comfort of your home!
    • Do you feel off?  Does a space within your home lack inspiration or feel stagnant?

Certifications & Credentials:

  • Mediumship, JVP School of Mystical Arts, 2024
  • Fascia & Lymphatic System, Fascia Training Academy, 2023
  • Death Doula Certified, International Association of Professional Death Doulas, 2021
  • YACEP, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, 2020
  • Yoga for Pelvic Health with Pelvic Health Professionals, 2020
    • CPR Certified, American Healthcare Academy, 2019
      • 300 Hour Hatha Yoga & Self-Awareness Teacher Training with Anna Pittman, The Breathing Space, 2019
        • Fascia in Yoga & Movement with Tom Myers, 2019
          • Yoga for Myofascial Release with Yasmin Lambat, 2019
          • Body Postive Yoga with Amber Karnes, 2017
          • 200 Hour Hatha Yoga & Self-Awareness Teacher Training with Anna Pittman, The Breathing Space, 2015
          • YWI (Yoga Warriors International) with Dharma Richards, 2016
          • Master of Crystology, TAOMCHI Certified, 2015
             YACEP Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider 
             Pelvic Health Professionals  
          Erin Doty - Photo by Geren Imaging