HK Testimonials


"I wanted to say thank you again for this evening's singing bowl session. It was medicine for my soul and body after a busy day!" ~Deb B. 


"Erin is wonderful. Her blend of compassion and body knowledge and practical application really resonates.  I am so glad she is a part of your team. I am loving the rhodonite gem I got from HK Higher Knowing. It is really helping me have a great spring day!" ~Jade H. [Corporate Yoga Member]
"Thank you so much for today’s wonderful [Zoom Fascia Yoga]  class. All day I’ve struggled with hip pain, an inner thigh stiffness & sciatic issues. We are getting ready for a trip & my hips & back have absorbed all of my anxiety. Today’s class was so therapeutic, informative & also relaxing. I feel like a different person. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to enjoy the replay." ~Ann K.
"Thanks so much for sending the fascia yoga replay. Between driving and working in new environments, I started to pick up tension in familiar musculo/skeletal spots. This practice helped me tune into head, shoulders, hips and (down into knees) for me - allowing me to release tension." ~Jen W.
"Erin, Thank you for your generosity!  This series [Manifestation Mindset Series] has been "mind-blowing", powerful, energetic, mindful and very enlightening. I really want to incorporate all that I have learned, in a way that I can use it in my daily practice as well as remember. The opportunity to re-watch each session is FANTASTIC!" ~Anne G.
"Erin is so kind, personable and knowledgeable. I loved how she taught about Pelvic health in such a holistic way. Teaching us how to release tension and listen inward. I felt in-connection with my true essence and grounded in my body after following her lead in this workshop. I was excited to take what I learned during her pelvic workshop into my classes - especially the practice of moving our hips in circles and grounding down into our feet. I've also incorporated sharing her knowledge of how the diaphragm and its level of durability directly impacts our pelvic floor. Thank you Erin!"~Kacee S. [Yoga for Pelvic Health, CEUs for Yoga Teachers]
"I recently participated in Erin's 4 week Meditation masterclass and can now say that I know how to meditate well! After 7 years of listening to guided meditations and not knowing how to progress, Erin equipped me with the tools to incorporate meditation into my daily routine without the aid of audio prompts. I not only know how to center, breathe, focus and meditate when sitting quietly, but I am able to use these same mindfulness practices while going about life - cooking dinner, in the car, walking, waiting rooms etc. 
Erin is a master at what she does - yoga, meditation, energy work - and I continue to benefit weekly from her instruction in each. My gratitude for Erin and HK is hard to express. She has brought light and learning and health into my life and I look forward to how we will grow together from here." ~Megan M.

Client referring to HK Community Classes Mental Clarity + Yoga

"That class was exactly what I needed during some weeks where I have harbored and provided a safe space for worry and doubt.  I know that I have been practicing with you for a long time, and that I have a lot of tools in my mental health toolbox from our past sessions, but something about spending a half hour deliberately reframing (along with your amazing cues) did wonders for me this morning!

Thank you for giving me the chance to schedule self dates during your classes and for helping me keep perspective and invite emotions to flow through myself without harboring those emotions.  I ALWAYS walk away from a session with you feeling refreshed and more like myself!" ~Claire G.

"Thanks so much for the fascia yoga replay. It was a great reminder of how fascia practice helps me enjoy the present and stay out of anxiety (too much in the future) state." ~ Jen W.
"Good evening, I wanted to let you know how much your Grief Meditation has meant to me.   I lost my mother last year to ovarian cancer, and it has been a very difficult and incredibly lonely time.   I have used the meditation as a way to connect to my mom and to allow my grief to manifest however it comes on that particular day.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this meditation."   ~Lisa M.

"Your yoga classes have been a bright spot for me during this quarantine." ~ Valerie B.

Fascia Yoga - Spinal Release + Wild Thing with Yoga Nidra On-Demand

"Loved this replay for tonight. I had a strange mixture of tension and old flare ups from traveling home. So this practice was great for unwinding. Thank you. 
~J. Weiler

"Your virtual yoga practices have been the high point of my week.  I consistently look forward to the safe and calm space you create.  I hope that you know you are true gift.  I am so grateful to have found you!  I've been practicing yoga for years with reasonable regulatory using online workshops and classes.  I've always been nervous to take classes with an actual instructor because I truly thought I would be called out out for may lack of flexibility.  Practicing with you has been an absolute blessing in terms of helping me become more mindful about my body.  I've also noticed some improvements in my musculoskeletal and nervous system that I thought were a coincidence at first; the longer I work with you, the more pronounced they become, and the more confident I am. Thank you."  ~ Claire G.

My husband and I had the opportunity to experience Yoga Nidra in the Salt Cave at The Orchard, unbelievable! I felt like I was transported into the arms of the Universe. Listening to her voice guide us was soothing and filled with love. I highly recommend Erin Doty if you want to feel all anxiety, worry, or pain melt away.  An experience I will never forget." ~ Helen G.

"Loved this (fascia yoga) replay for tonight. I had a strange mixture of tension and old flare ups from traveling. So this practice was great for unwinding. Thank you" ~J. Weiler

"I love the audio chakra meditation! Was so excited to see it offered in that format."   ~ Haley D.

"Yoga is not just for the body, but more importantly for the mind and soul.  Erin taught me that, starting before she left Virginia several years ago, and since then through monthly online Zoom sessions.  She has cheered me on, helping me learn to acknowledge how I am feeling, and teaching me skills to deal with those feelings.  When I recently returned to on-site work at the university library where I am employed, I had mini panic attacks. I felt could not control my personal environment like I have the past few months working from home (due to the pandemic).  I use the skills Erin taught me, such as using body movement and taking deep full breaths, to ground myself to deal with the panic.  While working with Erin to practice yoga does not change the world around me it does help me deal with that world and face it--mask on! " ~Mary S.

"Our AC died, and my life-long natural impulse would have been to go into paroxysms of worry, suffering, and doubt, and I could feel that impulse coming on.  But I was able to tell myself that there was nothing I could do about it until Monday morning and to have faith that everything would work out.  I was so glad I had just had the yoga nidra session online with you to remind me to let it go until I could take positive action.  It was a huge help, and thank you for your great leadership." ~ Peggy S.

"Thank you for the beautiful yoga nidra experience.  I thought I was walking into maybe a slow flow yoga or something.  Instead, I got an amazing and unique gift from the universe." ~ Conrad S.

"I really enjoy practicing yoga online with you, and I’m looking forward to my next 5 classes." ~ Claire G.

"Thank you so much for all your help getting me started on my new journey to a better me!" ~ Lisa B.

"Erin, Thank you for a wonderful yoga meditation class today! It was just what the doctor ordered." ~ Kim S.
"HK ROCKS!" ~ Ryan S.
"Hi Erin, Just wanted to say again how great a teacher you are and thank you for a great yoga class!" ~ Katie S.
"I had been thinking about doing yoga for a while. Erin's studio was right near my job, so on a lunch break one day, I decided to stop by and give it a try. As a beginner, I was very hesitant, there was no reason for me to be concerned though. Erin makes it very easy for beginners and people with varying physical abilities and knowledge to have a great yoga session. She always keeps the classes interesting, challenging, and varied. Although I'm very sad that I moved away and had to find a new yoga studio, the love for yoga that Erin helped me develop will follow me everywhere." ~ Nikki S.
"I had the honor of leading a QOYA class tonight at this divine studio. Erin is so welcoming and authentic. Her space is filled with crystals, energy and love. If you are in or around Blacksburg, because she is such a pleasure to meet and connect with, that its worth the drive from Roanoke. Please check out this website and see which date and event resonates with you. Humbly thanking you for your trust and taking a chance on myself and our QOYA." ~ Sherri B.
"Your teaching is excellent. Your positive energy and beaming smile are infectious. Your studio is beautiful and welcoming." ~ Jason C.
"Sessions are filled with contemplative light and love. Erin is truly gifted. My husband and I are so honored to be working with Erin and feel a new resurgence of youthful energy! Thank you Erin, from the fullness of our hearts!" ~ Patti C.
"Yoga at HK studio feels like you are practicing in a rainbow. It's so colorful and uplifting." ~ BreAnna M.
"I'm really grateful I happened to win that free yoga class from you. I hadn't heard of HK before, but am discovering that what you're offering to the community is something I've been seeking, without quite knowing it. ;) So thank you for being who you are and doing what you do!" ~ Haley D.
"Recently I attended an Essential Oils, Gemstones and Yoga for Women workshop at HK with Erin Doty. The workshop was outstanding. The session was very informative and I truly have a deeper understanding of gemstones, essential oils and yoga. I cannot wait to attend another session." ~ Shannon H.
"Thanks for the awesome yoga session yesterday!! I just wanted to let you know that I saw an epic rainbow right afterwards. I think that all of our rainbow breathing contributed to its creation!!" ~ Kerri G.
"I really enjoyed class tonight. Very excited to join again. Thank you for you smile and positive energy ♡" ~ Shannon K.


"First off- negative issues with the energy outside the studio have completely gone away. Like completely!! Way to gemstone grid!!" ~ Susan S., Yoga Studio Owner

"Erin is such a gift! She came to our house to do a clearing, as I had experienced an entity in our home. I was uneasy every time I went downstairs. Erin guided my husband and me through a beautiful process of connection while clearing. I was amazed at how she did it. Right away I could feel the difference in the house - room by room as we went. The house is ours now and feels like we're the only ones in it (besides the cats). I'd recommend Erin in a heartbeat for not only clearings, but for energy healing as well. She has helped me tremendously." ~  Ann N.

"Actually, got me to quit smoking after 30+ years!! Feels great and makes a big difference in my day-to-day! (Client refers to using the breathing techniques shared in session.)

I've had a lot of energy work done in my life, but experiencing that with you is something I'll never forget!  Best and most profound that I have ever experienced! You are an amazing facilitator, healer and human. Thank you so much Erin!"

~Jon G.

"Precious One, I feel reborn! In the thirty-some years of being in the healing realm, I have come across many gifted healers. Each one bringing their own unique ways to transfer, awaken, and use their gifts. Yesterday brings a smile to my face just thinking about it, thank you, thank you. I find you to possess a pure heart, a kind heart, a giving heart. Even more than that, you know exactly what you are doing. You embody it. I am so grateful." ~ Helen G.


"I adore my palm fluorite stone - it goes everywhere with me" <3 A.K.
"I met you a few years ago at an outdoor yoga session in Old Town FoCo. (Yoga in the Square). I bought a few gems from you and they are by far my favorite and most powerful gemstones….thank you for that!!"  Carol B.
"Erin sources some of the best crystals and gemstones I have ever seen. Her complete care and diligence in finding the highest quality stones shines through. HK is my local source for stones." ~ Eileen W.
" I’m sending you love and gratitude for being my first mentor on this journey! You really opened my eyes and heart to a new way of being." ~ Lisa B.
"I loved being able to participate from home via zoom call. Really interesting - learned about some new gemstones that I had never heard of. Very cool and informative workshop. Would definitely recommend." ~ G. C.
"Thank you so much for my gemstone special order!  So happy to do business with HK and have Erin present at retreats in Colorado! YOU ARE A GEM!!" ~ Ann F.
"I love my chakra bracelet. I do not wear jewelry except for earrings and perhaps my wedding band when I go out but I look forward to putting this on mine wrist every morning. Thank you!!" ~ Karen M.

"I received the package today and am so happy with the beautiful little ocean jasper treasures you sent. Thank you! " ~ Tiffany L.

"Thank you SO much for delivering my GIFT..... the pair of lapis earrings are beautiful, and I’ll be happy to wear them in Italy."  ~ Pat B.

"Loving how this mala turned out. Big thanks to HK @hkhigherknowing for the excellent quality gemstone beads as my muse." ~ Leah B.

"The crystals from HK are so lovely! Thank you. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying them. They are such beautiful additions to my house and to my life. I especially love the tumbled green kyanite and the selenite. So beautiful and healing." ~ Amy P.

"Aw yay! I love your work! And I'm in desperate need of power bracelets lately! Hugs my dear!" ~ Val K.
"I really do feel better -- wow!  I really love the stones, Erin." ! ~ A. R.
"Love the size of the gemstones in the sets! Love the HK gemstone sets!" ~ Breathe Yoga Festival customer
"The moonstone necklace is one of my all time favorites! I have always been mesmerized and drawn to moonstone itself, and the heart shaped chain and accent stones really set it apart form any other necklace I have. I've received so many compliments on trees necklace. Erin did a remarkable job of understanding what I like and putting it all together join this lovely necklace. I couldn't be happier." ~ Lynn P.
"Thank you so much for the beautiful earrings for my sister...they are exquisite!" ~ Lesley B.
"My earrings: A treasure on my levels but so loved and appreciated because they are your creation and solid evidence of your skills." ~ Nan H.
"Really just want to sleep with all the new crystals. I so appreciate the care and clearness that comes through in what you share in your life's work." ~ Ann D.
"Thanks Erin!  Today I had a chance to go out to Pandapas pond to take a short walk, and I brought my 2 ocean jaspers on a gratitude and cleansing outing.  We found a beautiful clear little stream that eventually flows into Poverty Creek, and I put the jaspers in a shallow, ripply, sunny spot for about half an hour, and sat on a log near them doing some praying and appreciating!  It was very refreshing! Thanks for the gift certificate!" ~ Barbara S.