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Yoga Pass Includes:

  • Live Zoom Wednesday class + weekly replay 
  • Share pass with friends and family
  • Pass never expires
  • Special class offers
  • Free classes gifted at times of year
  • HK tracks your classes for you and will let you know when it is time for a new pass

 Save $$ with the yoga pass!

Flexible & Calm Fascia Yoga

Wednesday from 4-5pm (Mountain Time)

Live Zoom class with a replay through Sunday midnight.

Increase fluid fascia (connective tissue) and nourish the nervous system with yoga, specific breathing and body techniques.  Understand how to safely unwind tension in the fascia and how the fascia is connected. Upgrade your DNA expression, increase postural alignment, release stressful energy in the body and mind, and reduce the effects of trauma. Increase mobility of the neck, spine, and low back and overall flexibility. This class also helps reduce pain and anxiety and recalibrates the nervous system. Class concludes with a peaceful meditation. 

Your yoga teacher Erin Doty is certified in Myofascial Yoga. 

Props Needed:  Yoga mat, blanket or towel, yoga strap, two tennis balls, two yoga blocks or same size sturdy props.

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"Thanks so much for the fascia yoga replay. It was a great reminder of how fascia practice helps me enjoy the present and stay out of anxiety (too much in the future) state." ~ J. Weiler

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