Movement & Mindfulness for Seniors


For 8 years, Erin has worked with retirement communities, senior centers and dementia care clinics teaching gentle and chair yoga, senior movement and mindfulness, offering sound meditations, grief support, and end of life planning.

Erin's witnessed senior and dementia care clients gain mental well-being, increase speech, social engagement, stable movement, and experience greater optimism with yoga and mindfulness classes.

During COVID, Erin has inspired elderly clients to use her techniques during pandemic regularly.  

A 79-year-old female client reports, she used a breathing technique Erin taught her last year at the beginning of pandemic every day for 30 minutes. The client gained enough strength to not need her walker to stand up!

Group Movement & Mindfulness Classes

  • Stretch & Strengthen
    • Independent & Assisted Living 
  • Balance and Mobility
    • Independent & Assisted Living 
  • Chair Yoga
    • Independent & Assisted Living 
    • Memory Care 
  • Water Yoga
    • Independent Living
  • Gemstone Singing Bowls 
    • Independent & Assisted Living 
    • Memory Care – 30 minutes. 
  • Grief Support 
    • Independent & Assisted Living – 45 minutes. $75  
    • Memory Care – 30 minutes. $75  
    • Monthly group events to discuss grief and learn about grief process and support with certified Death Doula, Erin Doty
  • End of Life Planning Series
    • 4-part monthly series on end-of-life topics including:
    • How to prepare legally, mentally, physically, energetically, and spiritually for death. 
    • Great for families and residents.
    • Live Zoom classes on site for those who cannot attend in person available.
  • On-Demand Classes
    • All of the above classes are available live on Zoom and on-demand for family outreach and for those who cannot attend in person.
    • Book a Zoom call to discuss logistics at your location.
  • Book a 15-minute call below to work with Erin Doty.