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On-Demand Gemstone Sound Meditations

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Enjoy lifetime access to on-demand sound resonance meditations.  

Meditations include gemstone- infused crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes, quartz pyramid, drums, and song with guided meditation for deep relaxation.

*Meditations are professionally recorded and edited.

Benefits of Sound Meditations

  • Allow the cells and energy of the body to reintegrate and renew for optimal well-BEing.
  • Develop your intuition for optimal healing and deep serenity.
  • Release stress with sound resonance, breath techniques and guided meditation.
  • Create stronger access to your greatest strengths, talents, higher wisdom, joy, and deeper peace.

HK Gemstone-Infused Singing Bowls & Sound includes:

  • Blue fluorite, pink and green tourmaline, selenite, aquamarine, selenite singing bowl 

  • Emerald singing bowl

  • Quartz singing bowl

  • Aquamarine and amethyst singing bowl

  • Carnelian singing bowl
  • Black tourmaline and malachite singing bowl
  • Lepidolite singing bowl
  • Quartz pyramid

  • Koshi chimes
  • Tingsha cymbals

Erin Doty, certified yoga, meditation, and nervous system regulation teacher and crystal practitioner, offers authentic gemstone-infused crystal singing bowl resonance events, private and group sessions. 

How to Prepare for Gemstone Sound Meditations: 

  • Use headphones for optimal sound.
  • *Do not listen to while driving.
  • Rest comfortably in a quiet place. 
  • Use a chair or rest on your back body on a yoga mat or bed.
  • If you choose to rest on your back, use a pillow prop under your knees to support your low back.
  • Use as many props as needed for comfort. 
  • Breathe. Rest. Receive

Props Needed: chair, bed, or yoga mat, towel or blanket, yoga bolster or pillows. 

Sound Resonance Mediations

Gemstone-Infused Singing Bowls

Gemstone-Infused Singing Bowls + Ocean Drum

Gayatri Mantra - Divine mantra meaning - O Divine mother, may your pure divine light illuminate all realms (physical, mental and spiritual) of our beings. Please expel any darkness from our hearts and bestow upon us the higher knowing.

Album Title: Gemstone-Infused Singing Bowls & Sound Resonance

Artists: Erin Doty, HK Higher Knowing | Henry Koch, Sound Engineer

Genre: Meditation, Singing Bowls

Track Titles: Gemstone Singing Bowls, Ocean Gem Resonance, Gayatri Mantra 

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