Death Doula Services

It is an honor to serve as a death doula. A death doula serves as a non-medical practitioner trained to assist the client, caregivers, family, and support communities with navigating death. A death doula transforms the end-of-life experience with more ease, understanding, and love for all involved.

We are entering a time when the aging population and end-of-life numbers are rising, patients desire to die comfortably at home, and families are experiencing new roles as caregivers to the dying.

End-of-life planning can help ease fears associated with death.

As a death doula I help aids loved ones with care for the dying for all sentient beings.  With the help from a trained death doula, the end of life process is a bit more easeful, after death planning may feel lighter, and the family and friends can focus on healing together. 

death doula
Erin Doty is a certified Death Doula who is deeply honored to support you and your loved one during this time of passage and bereavement. 

Erin is trained in self-awareness, trauma, and is a certified death doula who leads Death Doula & Self-Awareness certification programs yearly. 

She has a passion for working with senior centers, dementia care clinics, and those navigating grief and chronic illness. Offering end-of-life services since 2017.

For the client experiencing death, Erin offers companionship, connection, and clarity for the end-of-life journey.  Whether at home, hospice, or a medical care facility, Erin helps clients articulate, plan and document their end-of-life needs. 

    Professionalism, confidentiality, and the highest ethical standards are of utmost importance to Erin Doty as doula practitioner.

    Every client and their loved ones are unique and services are customized to their individual needs providing physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual support to the patient, family, loved ones, friends, and their support communities.

    As an end-of-life doula, Erin does not impose her own personal values or beliefs on patients and families. She specifically supports the client and loved ones with understanding the natural process of death (before, during, and after) while providing suggestions for comfort and ease.  As well, Erin advocates for client’s autonomous choices.

    For the family, friends, and support communities, Erin provides a conduit of connection, clarity, and peace during the spectrum of the death journey. Within a sacred space, she facilitates and encourages clear, nonviolent communication with family, caregivers, and any professionals caring for the client.

    Death Doula Services

    • End-of-life, grief, and mourning support for all sentient beings (humans and pets)
    • End of life planning
    • National travel, on-call support, and overnight services available
    • Perform sacred rituals to honor the dying
    • Funeral and memorial planning
    • Writing and editing eulogies
    • Releasing death announcements and manage correspondence
    • Organizing the home and estate settlements
    • Creating inspiring legacy projects
    • Vigil and prayer circles
    • Respite care for caregivers
    • Grief support
    • Death education

    Death Doula Products & Events

    When sudden and/or tragic death occurs, Erin meets virtually and/or in person with family and friends to allow the immediate family space to honor their beloved.    

    Who May Need a Death Doula?

    • Elderly (possibly for years before their death is due for arrival)
    • Terminally ill, at any age, any sentient being
    • Grieving, those who have lost or are about to say goodbye to a loved one
    • Loss of a pet or beloved animal
    • Not near death, afraid of death, or ready to confront their mortality now
    • Looking to organize and plan for end-of-life, at any age, regardless of health status   

    Erin Doty is deeply honored to support you and your loved one during this time of passage and bereavement.

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