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Chakra Energy Balancing

Summer special! Renew, relax deeply, and balance your chakras. 45 minutes for $55. Sale ends 8/31/2024.






Erin Doty

Client Love

"She is an exquisitely gifted human being. She is able to hold impeccable space with her embodied presence. I have purchased many gemstones from her store and I find her products to be of top quality. I highly recommend Erin for all that she offers."

Eric L.

Client Love

"You’re my first go-to for all my crystals and cleansing items. The price and quality can’t be beat."

Scott M.

Client Love

“Thanks so much for this recorded class. With my sister's passing and my mother's extended illness there has been a lot of sadness to reflect on. I was also able to appreciate so much joy this year. Thank you for helping me tune into higher knowing.” [Fascia Yoga Reverence class]

Jen W.

Client Love

"The Grief Meditation has meant so much to me. I have used it as a way to connect to my mom and to allow my grief to manifest however it comes on that particular day. Thank you."

Lisa McK.

Client Love

"I feel so much lighter after the clearing. I feel like you helped me more in an afternoon than my counselor did in three months!

[Chakra Balancing Session]

Wendy L.