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Erin Doty is a certified TAOMCHI Master of Crystology.  

With over 20 years of gemstone experience, Erin Doty helps you to learn gem speak for optimal wellness and liberation.  

Gem speak is the ability to feel and receive gemstone energy for alignment, transformation, and ascension. 

Erin receives gemstone messaging and psychic visions during sessions to transmute incongruent energies hindering liberation and balance.  

*Services available IN PERSON for VIRTUALLY via Zoom or FaceTime.


Manifest Gemstone Energy

What gemstones do you need for your healing journey?

Learn from Master of Crystology, Erin Doty, how to use gemstones in your daily routine, sacred rituals, and healing protocols. 

Your crystal collection is "rock'n"!  Now, learn how to use them!

Receive a personal gemstone reading for your collection or receive a new gemstone to expand gem speak and ascension.

Whether you are new to crystals or adding to your collection, your personalized reading guides on you how to use the ancient wisdom of stone medicine. 

Erin is a Certified Crystal Practitioner who guides you how to prepare for gem speak, care for crystals, and how to learn the vibrations and messages from gemstones just for you. 

This session allows for personal alignment and amplified gemstone healing.

  • Identify any mystery gems in your personal collection.
  • Receive a gemstone reading for your personal collection.
  • This session includes 5 gemstones you need right now. 

Allow up to an 1 hour and 30 minutes for session.

  • $155 for personal gemstone session
  • Includes 5 gemstones 
Client Testimonials

"I met you a few years ago at an outdoor yoga session in Old Town FoCo. (Yoga in the Square). I bought a few gems from you and they are by far my favorite and most powerful gemstones….thank you for that!!"  C.Burns

Chakra Balancing & Energy Alignment

When the chakras are unbalanced, you may feel exhausted, emotionally overwhelmed, lonely.  You may feel unsettled in life or feel life is chaotic.  

I often hear from clients, "I just feel off. Something isn't quite right."

You may experience a block to self-love and self-confidence, creativity and inspiration.

Concern over finances and security, making decision, and an inability to manifest goals. 

Unable to connect with yourself or others, loss of interest in life, procrastination indicate energy imbalance.

Navigating chronic illness or grief.

Physical indications of energy imbalance include tiredness, pain, stiffness, pelvic, low back, shoulder, and head pain, weight management, digestion issues, headaches, blurred vision, sensory sensitivity, anxiety, brain fog, allergies, and illness.  

Emotional imbalances include moodiness, reactivity, volatility, nervousness, depression, and confusion.

Chakra Balancing and Clearing optimizes energy flow, increasing vitality, well-being, and clarity. Customized session to balance and cleanse the seven major energy vortices, chakras and transform energy blockages, diminished and excess energy flow, and includes implant/entity removal.

    • $125 for Chakra Balancing & Energy Alignment
    • $325 for (3)
    • $500 for (5) 
Client Testimonials

"Actually, got me to quit smoking after 30+ years!! Feels great and makes a big difference in my day-to-day! (Clients refers to using the breathing techniques shared in session.)

I've had a lot of energy work done in my life, but experiencing that with you is something I'll never forget!  Best and most profound that I have ever experienced! You are an amazing facilitator, healer and human. Thank you so much Erin!"

~J. Griffis

"I feel reborn! In the thirty-some years of being in the healing realm, I have come across many gifted healers. Each one bringing their own unique ways to transfer, awaken, and use their gifts. Yesterday brings a smile to my face just thinking about it, thank you, thank you. I find you to possess a pure heart, a kind heart, a giving heart. Even more than that, you know exactly what you are doing. You embody it. I am so grateful." ~ H. Griffis


    Environmental Energy Clearing

      Environment Clearing Inside  - Clearing of an environment within a home, office, or space that affects the well-being, productivity, connection, and peace of the environment.

        • Service includes an assessment of inside environment and clearing of any unwelcome, stagnant, old energy present within the space.  
        • One home or workspace per session.
        • Includes travel fee, cleansing tools and instructions on how to maintain cleansed space.
        • Does not include outside environment clearing.
        • Allow up to 2 hours for session.
      • $250 for inside clearing
      • Includes travel in Fort Collins, CO
      • Travel rates available outside of Fort Collins. Email HK.

      Environment Clearing Inside + Outside  - Clearing of an environment outside home, office, or space that affects the well-being, productivity, connection, and peace of the environment.

       Service includes an assessment of outside environment and clearing of any unwelcome, stagnant, old energy present within the land. 

      This service often addresses imbalanced energy affecting:

      • EMF toxicity or illness
      • Plumbing, electrical, heating/air systems
      • Plant growth
      • Sale or purchase of a property
      • Neighbor dispute
      • Sleep disturbances and chronic illness

      One outside structure per session. Allow up to 2 hours for session.

      Includes travel fee, cleansing tools and instructions on how to maintain cleansed space.

      • $550 for outside clearing
      • $150 for additional structures nearby
      Client Testimonial
      "Erin is such a gift! She came to our house to do a clearing, as I had experienced an entity in our home. I was uneasy every time I went downstairs. Erin guided my husband and me through a beautiful process of connection while clearing. I was amazed at how she did it. Right away I could feel the difference in the house - room by room as we went. The house is ours now and feels like we're the only ones in it (besides the cats). I'd recommend Erin in a heartbeat for not only clearings, but for energy healing as well. She has helped me tremendously." ~  A. Neal

                Erin Doty is a certified TAOMCHI Master of Crystology

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