HK Certification & Mentorships

HK Higher Knowing offers yearly certifications and mentorships.

Book an inquiry call to learn more about each certification program. 

Death Doula & Self-Awareness Program

  • February 2024 (1 year) in session
  • Next (1 year) certification begins February 2025

Your program host, Erin Doty, welcomes you to journey into a soul calling to help others transform end of life preparation and death doula services with authentic presence. 

    Energy Balance: Chakras

    • Fall 2024 (2-Day Intensive)
    • One month on-demand curriculum

    Your program host, Erin Doty, welcomes you to help others transform energy and balance the seven main chakras + learn how to release saboteur and entity energies.


    • April 2025 (6-months)

    Receive inner wisdom clearly and hone your intuition, psychic abilities, and connection and communication with light beings, angelic and spiritual guides, and the deceased.

    Erin Doty is a certified self-awareness teacher, TAOMCHI Crystal Practitioner specializing in chakra energy balance and environmental clearing and is a certified Death Doula.