Why Use Yoga Props by Erin Doty





Why Use Yoga Props? by Erin Doty

My yoga practice became possible with props. I started my practice over a decade ago with limited mobility and meditation due to chronic illness.  Props still support me every day in my yoga and meditation practice.

Props support me just where I am at in that moment, that day. They hold me, so I may relax more deeply. 

Props are an extension of our body. Props elevates the Earth to us, offering grounding support.  

Props like blocks help to extend our limbs and supports the slow release of tension from the backs of legs and low back to further bend.

Props, like blankets and bolsters, offer weight and gentle support allowing you to rest and digest the day. Restorative, gentle yoga, and yoga nidra all use props to relax the nervous system and held tension.

Yoga props are all around us…walls, chairs, and pandemic made toilet paper rolls stacked and paper towel rolls easy at home props. 

Basic yoga props or like substitutes:

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga blocks (sub: TP rolls stacked, sturdy roll of paper towels, two same size thick books)
  • Blanket or bath towel
  • Yoga strap (sub: long fabric belt or scarf)
  • Myofascial balls, tennis balls (sub: your dog’s ball toys, lacrosse balls)
  • Bolster (sub: couch cushion or 2 stacked bed pillows)

Props assist with release, relaxation, and some props helps us to reach the new variation of a yoga pose. Sometimes props offer therapeutic benefit, as in myofascial props like tennis balls for fascia yoga. When used with safety, props are your friends on the mat…to support you, to hold you, to cheer you on!