Erin Doty HK - Photo by Geren Imaging

Gratitude for visiting HK!

Erin Doty, Owner of HK welcomes you to expand your healing journey and inner knowing with the ancient wisdom and therapeutic support of yoga, wellness, and gemstones.



What does HK mean?

“Where heaven and earth commune at the heart.” 

A High Kick roots from the earth, ascends to the heavens, and communes at the heart.  HK is your highest knowing.


Why Choose HK Products & Services?
  • Meet your yoga teacher Erin Doty.  
  • Erin is a certified Yoga Teacher, ERYT200, RYT500, YACEP, with accreditations in Hatha Yoga, Fascia and Nervous System Regulation, Yoga for Pelvic Health, Yoga Nidra.
  • Erin has taught over 1900 hours of yoga classes and works with clients ages children to elderly.
  • Erin Doty is a certified Death Doula. 
  • All gemstones and HK, LLC products are ethically and sustainably sourced. 
  • HK does not diagnose or claim to heal. Healing is ultimately the individual’s responsibility.
  • Consult a qualified holistic or medical professional regarding illness or before starting new wellness modalities.
  •  Products sold are based on ancient healing wisdom, well-researched information, and accredited experience to be used therapeutically.
  • All gemstones undergo a proprietary HK cleansing ritual. 

HK HIGH KICKS, LLC launched online January 5, 2016! 

From 2016-2018, HK, LLC brick and mortar at Suite 111, in the Virginia Corporate Research Center, Blacksburg, Virginia.  HK Yoga Studio offered yoga, meditation, wellness, gemstones, and local products.  

Summer of 2018, HK, LLC relocated to the majestic Rocky Mountains.  The Owner Erin Doty participates in local festivals, offers yoga, wellness and gemstone masterclasses, and retreats in Colorado, nationwide, and worldwide.

March 2023, HK High Kicks rebranded as DBA HK Higher Knowing.

September 2023, HK Higher Knowing: Yoga & Gemstones brick and mortar at 300 Boardwalk Dr., Suite 6A, Fort Collins, CO 80525. Email HK to book an in person appointment to view the entire gemstone collection. 

In the past eight years, HK grew from community-based classes and events to masterclasses, expert yoga and gemstone trainings, and specialized products and services.  The company and community growth has surpassed the original vision and has now ascended! 

The rebrand to HK Higher Knowing reflects the core principles that HK continues to offer:

  • Anchor, center and balance energy.
  • Align with heart consciousness.
  • Ascend with trust towards your highest potential.

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Website: https://hkhigherknowing.com/

Email: erindoty@hkhigherknowing.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hkhigherknowing/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HKhigherknowing/




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