HK Celebrates 9 years!!

HK celebrates 9 years on January 11, 2024!  

Thank you for your your awesome support!

Celebration Sales

*Flash sales start January 11 and ends on January, 12 at midnight MT.*

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      Flash Sales on Gemstones, Jewelry, Gemstone Sets + Cleansing Products

      Group Gemstone Singing Bowls *In Person*

          $50 off group gemstone singing bowls for February! 

          Use GROUPSOUND at checkout to redeem $50 off the service when purchased by 1/31 and booked in February. 

          Gather a group together for one hour of gemstone and sound bliss in 2024!
          Group session (3-10 people) includes gemstone infused singing bowls. $350
            • One person books and pays for the appointment and provides emails for all participants to receive waivers.
            • The group coordinates who attends and splits payment.
            • COVID questionnaire required from all before appointment


          Selenite Lamp Giveaway [$155 value]  

          Celebrate 9 Years with exclusive offers! Sales end midnight MT January 12th!