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::CHAKRA:: Gemstone Sets

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Illuminate your inner rainbow with curated HK Chakra Gemstone Sets. Unified gemstone support for the seven major chakras, energy centers along the spine.  Each gemstone facilitates the exploration & illumination of your present chakra abilities.  As well, HK curated HK Gemstones sets are cleansed and dedicated to offer chakra insight for therapeutic support and for one's highest potential.  

Gemstone variations underlined.

7th Chakra - Crown - Chevron Amethyst
6th Charka - 3rd Eye - Sodalite
5th Chakra - Throat - Blue Lace Agate
4th Chakra - Heart - Aventurine
3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus - Tiger's Eye
2nd Chakra - Sacral - Carnelian
1st Chakra – Root – Red Tiger's Eye
Cleansing - Selenite
Grounding - Black Tourmaline

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