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Death Doula Certification

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The Death Doula & Self-Awareness training is designed to educate you as an end-of-life practitioner and the various death doula offerings. You will learn how to prepare yourself, the space, your clients, and the dying for end-of-life transition, including grief and mourning support, and the afterlife.

This training is for you as well, to explore and expand self-awareness skills and presence, hone your intuition. Learn to create self-healing, align yourself with self-unconditional love, and deepen soul discoveries. Release the holding patterns and beliefs that hinder a clear compass for balance and heart-centered presence. Attune to limitless love.

The program requires a willingness to address the unseen, hold space for all sentiments beings in all moments, and commit time and presence to yourself and the program materials and experience. This is a call to passion to help those at the most precious, last breath of their lives and hold patient, heart-centered consciousness and space for grief and transition. 

You will receive death doula training, self-awareness training, how to business set up and marketing, creative empowerment exercises to grow your business, self-confidence tools, and self-care protocol. This program includes what happens in the afterlife. 

2024 program full and in session.

2025 Program open to 10 participants and begins January 25, 2025 on Zoom!

2024 year program commitment - In Person and Online availability

Dates & Times

Thursdays from 5:30-7pm MT (Denver, CO time zone)

February 29, March 21, April 18, May 16, June/July - assessments and readings, August 22, September 19, October 17, November 14, December 12

*All Thursday dates are Zoom meetings. Check your time zone 

Saturday from 10am-2pm MT (Denver, CO time zone)

February 17, *March 30, April 27, May 18, June/July - assessments and readings,*August 31, September 28, October 26, *November 23, December 14

*Zoom meetings. All other dates in person or Zoom option is available. Check your time zone 

If you are local, you are encouraged to participate in person.  Zoom meetings available for each date. If you have a date/time conflict, please connect with Erin by phone 970-214-1846.

Program Benefits

  • 1 year Curriculum (2 binders)
  • Death doula beginner tools (valued at $550)
  • Zoom meetings 
  • Optional in-person meetings
  • Reading list
  • On-demand programming
  • Journaling & inquiry
  • Assessments
  • 4 Retreats - Silent, Self-Care, Unconditional Love, Community
  • Continued mentorship with Erin Doty 
  • 15% off HK death doula supplies 
  • Free one-month access to Fascia Yoga class
  • On-Demand Grief Meditation
  • Special rates for HK Retreats + 6-Month Mediumship Program 2025

Program Outline

  • Self-awareness exploration and expansion 
  • Self-Worth, unconditional love, empowerment
  • Preparation as a death doula 
  • Death doula and end-of-life
  • Elders and senior care
  • Hospice and terminal illness 
  • Respite care for caretakers
  • Legacy project, vigils, live funerals
  • Mourning, loss and grief
  • Post death process
  • Religions, traditions, cultures
  • Rituals and sacred ceremonies
  • Pet doula services 
  • Afterlife
  • Educating family and clients about the dying process
  • Creating death doula niche
  • Strategy and tools to start and manage a successful business 
  • Transform views on dying
  • Contribute to bringing recognition to doulas as qualified end-of-life-support

“Death comes to us all.” ~ Robert Bolt

This is a training for all sentient beings. A training to learn and experience surrendering and accepting death. Embracing end-of-life transitions with grace and preparedness and embody a heart-centered presence for all of life’s moments. 

Program Requirements

  1. Book a discovery Zoom call with Erin - Call 970-214-1846
  2. Complete application $25 (non refundable)
  3. Sign HK Code of Ethics & Practice
  4. Sign HK Waiver
  5. Financial commitment agreement
  6. Commit time for program material and experience
  7. Participate and complete HK Death Doula Certification & Mentorship program in full
  8. Submit all required materials and assessments by due dates for certification
  9. Submit 5 assessments by email no later than January 31, 2025 for review and feedback for certification completion. Cases includes: legacy project, vigils, sacred ceremony, living will, care for terminally ill client, respite for caregiver, grief and mourning support, and at least one end-of-life preparation for human or animal.

Get access to the following after the inquiry call:






  • Application fee nonrefundable

  • Once you begin the program, the program is nonrefundable

  • Transfer to an alternate program year is available

  • Cash and check payments do not include fees

  • Credit card and Venmo payments include processing fees

  • Payments due by the monthly Saturday meeting date

  • If a scholarship is presented during the inquiry Zoom call, the program fee is $2750 with scholarship details noted in a follow up email. 
  • See program rates on the product drop down menu

*Scholarships available.

This program is led by certified Death Doula & Self-Awareness practitioner, Erin Doty.  Erin's journey as a death doula began in 2014.

This program is the culmination of her experience and expertise:

  • ERYT500 certified self-awareness, yoga, and meditation teacher
  • Certified death doula and crystal practitioner
  • Working with seniors, dementia care. chronic and terminal illness for over a decade
  • Senior dog care 
  • Pandemic death doula
  • Infant and child death support
  • Respite for caretakers and caretaker support
  • Vigils and live funerals
  • Legacy projects
  • End-of-Life rituals and sacred ceremonies
  • Post death support and grief support
  • Successful s mall business owner for 9 years

The HK Death Doula & Self-Awareness program is a year-long commitment.

  • For yourself, self-awareness, and space to create 
  • Time commitment to learn how to prepare yourself for death 
  • How to offer end-of-life and grief support as a death doula
  • Learn how to integrate grief and death into your life with grace and success

The HK Death Doula program is designed to support YOU and your client as an end-of-life support provider.

This program allows you to:

  • Become a successful death doula with a commitment to  your heart healing along the journey
  • Amplify your special talents as a death doula with integrity, long-term service, creativity, and success
  • Expand self-awareness, compassionate presence, and intuition
  • Own a successful and inspiring business
  • Prepare for personal and professional grief with grace

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