HK Chakra Balancing & Energy Alignment

Chakra Balancing & Energy Alignment

When the chakras are unbalanced you may feel exhausted, emotionally overwhelmed, lonely.  You may feel unsettled in life or feel life is chaotic.  I often hear from clients, "I just feel off. Something isn't quite right."

You may experience a block to self-love and self-confidence, creativity and inspiration.

Concern over finances and security, inability to manifest goals, and difficulty making decision are present.

Unable to connect with yourself or others, loss of interest in life, procrastination indicate energy imbalance.

Physical indications of energy imbalance include tiredness, pain, stiffness, pelvic, low back, shoulder, and head pain, weight management, digestion issues, headaches, blurred vision, sensory sensitivity, anxiety, brain fog, allergies, and illness.  

Emotional imbalances include moodiness, reactivity, volatility, nervousness, depression, and confusion.

Chakra Balancing and Clearing optimizes energy flow, increasing energy, well-being, and clarity. Customized 60 minute session to balance and cleanse the seven major energy vortices, chakras and transform energy blockages, diminished and excess energy flow, and includes implant/entity removal.

    HK Chakra Gemstone Session