Senior Offerings with Erin Doty

Since 2016, Erin has worked with retirement communities, independent and assisted living facilities, senior centers, and memory care and dementia care locations.


Erin's witnessed senior and dementia care clients gain mental well-being, increase speech, social engagement, stable movement, and experience greater optimism with yoga and mindfulness classes.

During COVID, Erin has inspired elderly clients to use her techniques during pandemic regularly.  

A 79-year-old female client reports, she used a breathing technique Erin taught her last year at the beginning of pandemic every day for 30 minutes. The client gained enough strength to not need her walker to stand up!

Below are the events and classes with descriptions that Erin Doty offers.

Erin is certified and insured. She wears a mask for safety with all contracts during cold and flu season, as I am a death doula and work with other senior centers in Front Range. I am happy to use a microphone, if one is provided by the senior center.

Offerings & Rates 
(Invoices paid by credit card add $5) 
  • Stretch & Strengthen
    • Independent & Assisted Living – 45 minutes. $75  
    • Weekly or Monthly
  • Balance and Mobility
    • Independent & Assisted Living – 45 minutes. $75  
    • Weekly or Monthly
  • Chair Yoga
    • Independent & Assisted Living – 45 minutes. $75  
    • Memory Care – 30 minutes. $75  
    • Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly
  • Water Yoga
    • Independent – 45 minutes. $75  
    • Monthly
  • Gemstone Singing Bowls 
    • *30 minutes set up time and pack up time needed before and after event.
    • Great for relaxing sound meditations, music at birthday parties, live music at community events, wellness fairs.
    • Independent & Assisted Living – $125
    • Memory Care – 30 minutes. $125 
    • Quarterly
  • Grief Support 
    • Independent & Assisted Living – 45 minutes. $75  
    • Memory Care – 30 minutes. $75  
    • Monthly group events to discuss grief and learn about grief.
  • End of Life Planning Series
    • 4-part monthly series on end-of-life topics including:
    • How to prepare legally, mentally, physically, energetically, and spiritually for death. 
    • Great for families and residents.
    • I offer Zoom classes on site for those who cannot attend in person.
    • Monthly or quarterly
  • On-Demand Classes
    • All of the above classes are available live on Zoom and on-demand for family outreach and those who cannot attend in person.
    • Set up a Zoom call to discuss logistics at your location.
Here are descriptions of the classes and are written for easy additions to an online or printed newsletter. *Reference Erin Doty, Movement, Mindfulness, and End of Life Planning Specialist at your location.
Stretch and Strengthen  
Stretch and Strengthen class includes seated and standing postures to increase strong bones, a clear mind, and flexibility. Weights and exercise bands are used to stretch and strengthen the physical and mental body.  This class offers low impact movement on joints with variations to support you during class. We enjoy laughter in class and uplifting connection. *Variations for all levels of participation offered in each class.  
Benefits of Stretch & Strengthen  
  • Increases breath awareness  
  • Boosts energy and immunity  
  • Improves posture and memory  
  • Supports healthy joint mobility,  
  • Reduces stress  
  • Stronger brain and coordination  
Erin Doty is your teacher, and she is passionate about working with seniors since 2015. She offers public and private movement and mindfulness classes in Fort Collins and Denver. Her classes are welcome to all. Erin offers instruction about the body, mind, and how to feel more inspired amidst challenges, and how to access more joy!

Balance and Mobility  
Balance and Mobility offers techniques and movement to assist increase strength and help you stand and move with confidence and safety. Learn about posture, the importance of your big toe for balance, and posture and visualization techniques to combat the fear of falling. Have fun with gentle movement, seated and standing, along with coordination exercises to build focus.  
Free stuck connective tissue and relieve aches and pains. Enjoy feeling more freedom in the head, neck, shoulders, low back, hips and legs.  Walk out of class feeling motivated for the day. Variations for all levels of participation offered in each class.  
Your teacher is Erin Doty and has worked with seniors for a decade in Virginia and Colorado. She experienced immobility for two years of her life due to chronic illness. She shares proven techniques to regain mobility and balance for the body.  She is a trained Fascia Yoga teacher with over ten years of experience.

Chair Yoga  
Chair yoga is beneficial for any fitness level, from active seniors to those recovering from an injury and surgery. Chair yoga benefits those with reduced mobility or flexibility by improving muscle tone, strength, and balance. Enjoy gentle movement, breath techniques for relaxation, community connection, and receive more joy! Variations for all levels of participation offered in each class.  
Chair yoga offers these benefits:  
  • Low impact on joints  
  • Greater flexibility  
  • Eliminates stress  
  • Improves pain management  
  • Encourages circulation and immunity  
  • Combats depression and anxiety  
  • Improves balance   
  • Better sleep  
  • Promotes independence and well-being  
Your teacher is Erin Doty and has worked with seniors for a decade teaching mindful movement and yoga.  She experienced immobility for two years of her life due to chronic illness. She shares the benefits of yoga for increased mobility, mental health, brain function, balance, and more joy!  Erin Doty is certified ERYT-500 level yoga and meditation teacher with ten years of experience.

Gemstone Singing Bowls  

Relax with the vibrations and soothing sounds of gemstone-infused singing bowls sound experience.
HK Gemstone-Infused Singing Bowls & Sound includes:

  • Koshi chimes
  • Tibetan tingsha cymbals
  • Frosted quartz singing pyramid
  • Blue fluorite, pink and green tourmaline, selenite, aquamarine, selenite singing bowl 
  • Emerald singing bowl
  • Quartz singing bowl
  • Aquamarine and amethyst singing bowl
  • Carnelian singing bowl
  • Black tourmaline and malachite singing bowl
  • Lepidolite singing bowl
  • Blue Kyanite, black tourmaline singing bowl
  • Natural citrine singing bowl
  • Empyrean quartz singing bowl
  • Theta chimes
Erin will guide you on a peaceful meditation for peace and optimal health. We join with our own instruments of sound by singing and humming.
If you are new to singing bowls and sound baths, please know certain tones may not always be harmonious for everyone.     
Erin will guide you on how to breathe when energy moves in the body as sound vibrations clear and balance the body and mind. Some people do not like singing bowls, and that is okay. Erin experiences sensitivity to sound, and she chose the singing bowls she plays based on their lower harmonic tones that soothe the nervous system.   
The gemstone singing bowls use sound and vibrations to relax and balance the body.    
An adult body is composed of 60 to 65 percent water, which is a very good conductor for sound and vibrations. Every cell in our body absorbs the sound and the sound moves through the energy meridians of our body. We have 72,000 energy meridians connecting the body, mind, and organs systems together.  Sound baths offer a full body regenerative experience.    
Sound healing is completely non-invasive and is a great alternative therapy for relaxation.    
Singing bowls benefits:   
  • The sound frequencies then slow down brain waves to a deeply restorative state, which activates the body's system of self-healing. 
  • Sound waves from the bowls act on the energy field of your body and offer relaxation.   
  • It is not the soundfrom the singing bowls. It is the vibrations that lead to its effects.   
  • Singing bowls reduce cortisol in the body and boost immunity by stimulating immune cells.    
  • Sound baths balance and clear the mind. Offers a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm, and happiness.
The gemstone singing bowls Erin Doty plays are tuned to 432 Hz, which is tuned to the earth’s frequency.    
  • 432 Hz music is softer and brighter.    
  • 432Hz is easier on the ears.     
  • Meditation music tuned to 432 Hz is relaxing for the body and mind and more harmonic and pleasant.    
  • 432 frequency heightens perception, increases mental clarity, and intuition.  

Erin Doty is a certified meditation and nervous system regulation teacher and crystal practitioner.  Erin Doty owns HK Higher Knowing, LLC

  • In person or Zoom sessions available.
  • Book a 15-minute Zoom call to work with Erin Doty.