Travel Tips + Meditation

Traveling + Staycation Tips

  • Center before traveling.  
    • Feet on the floor, hip width.
    • Place your hands on your belly and take 10 slow breaths. 
    • Imagining a balloon within you slowly expanding and deflating. 
    • After you attune to the cadence of your breath, say a mantra, prayer, invitation for safety and peace.
    • I am safe and at peace on this journey. Gratitude.
    • Repeat as needed while traveling and upon destination.
  • Gems fans and sensitive travelers
  • Road trip -  Tiger's eye (golden, red, or blue) in your car for safety and protection.

Calming Travel Meditation

  • Breathe in and out slowly, feeling the skin expand and soften.  
  • Breathing 5 breaths. Shift from thinking to feeling the breath.
  • Now repeat, "I am breathing in; (as you inhale) I am breathing out (as you exhale)" for 10 breaths. 
  • Lastly repeat, "I am safe" for 10 breaths. 
  • Repeat as needed.