On Demand Masterclasses & Series: Wellness


On-demand classes with unlimited access.

Masterclasses are in-depth specialty classes with expert instruction by HK Owner, Erin Doty. Suitable for all levels.

Choose from the following categories for on-demand access. 


Mental Health Habits - 4 class series, each 30 minutes

Remember Your Tools Amidst Chaos - 1 class, 30 minutes

Mental Health Habits in Relationships  - 4 class series, each 30 minutes

Manifestation Mindset - 4 class series, each 30 minutes

Vagus Nerve & Nervous System Balance Part 1 & 2 - 2 classes, each 30 minutes

Tech Overload - 1 class, 30 minutes

Tracking Series  - 5 class series, each 30 minutes

Mental Health Habits Masterclasses

Mental Health Habits Series

Explore mental health & brain habits that drain you daily!

Learn how to re-frame them for greater energy balance mentally and physically.

Increase mood and mindful living with mental health awareness, movement, and meditation.

Learn over 20 ways you can increase mental and brain health easily! 

In this four-part series, workshop integrating mental health habits for emotional balance, mental clarity, and somatic cueing for relaxation.

  • Video 1: Check-in and reframe. Experience thinking as consciousness.
  • Video 2: 20 Ways to Balance Mental Health + Grounding Meditation
  • Video 3: Emote, Movement and Meditation
  • Video 4: Energy, Gratitude and Mantra Meditation

Remember Your Tools Amidst Chaos

Have you every rode a stress wave all the way to fatigue and confusion? Do you have a toolbox of self-caretoolsthat you often forget during stress? This class revisits Mental HealthHabits and how torememberyourtoolsamidstchaos.Learn what chronic stress does to the brain and how to create brain resilience in this yoga workshop.Useyourrelationship with stress positively for mental health balance. Navigate the amygdala highjack with group inquiries. Try neuroplasticity and retrainyourbrain during stress.

Mental Health Habits in Relationships

Learn to meet each other with compassion using thetoolsfrom Mental Health Habits. Navigate how to move from frustration and anger to peace and openness. Tune into cues within and externally to empower you towards peaceful communication. Discover through prompted inquiriesyourrelationship to self and challenging persons. Connectyourbrain withyourheart through guided meditation and deepenyourrelationships. 

Manifestation Mindset

4-week On-Demand Series

Mega manifest! Learn proven techniques that make manifesting possible. Experience a mindset reset with a checklist to revisit and refine what you wish to manifest.  Receive greater love, abundance, health, and your highest needs with a clear outline for success. Experience mindful living. Learn to work smarter, not harder. Receive mantra techniques to remove obstacles and energy balancing techniques to create space. 

On-demand experience with unlimited lifetime access to the series. 

  • Session 1: Mindset Reset & How to Create Intentions for Mega Manifesting
  • Session 2: Obstacles and How to Release Blocked Energy
  • Session 3: Core Beliefs and Energy Investment 
  • Session 4: Mega Manifest Meditation + Monthly Journal Prompts

*Includes a Manifest Gemstone Set shipped to you!

Manifest Energy Checklist

+12 months of Manifesting Journal prompts. [Value $65]

Vagus Nerve & Nervous System Balance

Tone the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body. 

The vagus nerve starts in the brain, travels through the major organs, and lands in the pelvic floor.

This two-part series explores the vagus nerve and assists with navigating the stress response while balancing the nervous system.

Part 1

  • Wander through your nervous system and understand your specific responses to stress.
  • Move stored emotions and stress from the body with five scientifically proven vagal tone techniques to regulate the nervous system. 
  • Reroute your mental, physical, and emotional response to stress for a more balanced presence.

Part 2

  • Continue wandering through the nervous system and exploring your specific responses to stress.
  • Learn seven additional energy balance techniques to shift stored emotions and stress from the body and mind. 

Tech Overload

Do you feel drained after plugging into screens?  Are you sensitive or often feel fatigued after screen time?

Learn symptoms of EMF exposure and relief from tech drain.

Receive insight on how to best structure tech breaks for optimal motivation, productivity, and clarity.

Experience somatic relaxation, eye exercises, breathing techniques, and a meditation to increase energy.

Tracking on Demand Series

Enjoy this self-paced on-demand series exploring tracking on five levels of awareness.

Tracking offers a deeper connection with yourself, your relationships, personally and professionally, and welcomes more freedom. 

This series is part of the Mental Health Habits masterclasses.

In this series:

  • Learn a new tracking level weekly for five weeks.
  • Cultivate a daily practice that welcomes freedom. 
  • Experience presence and heart-centered consciousness.
  • Enjoy gentle movement.
  • Receive body and breath inquiries. 
  • Explore how to hone intuition. 

Tracking Series Review: "Wow, Erin, this session was incredible. I had never heard the term 'exteroception' before, and knowing it has given me something very useful to think about in terms of nurturing balance with being in and of the world while also being in tune with myself. The intuitive inquiry part gave me clear and wise guidance about how I might move through the summer as I continue some healing. I'm so grateful for you and the gentleness and wisdom you share!" ~ Jade H.