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Quartz Crystal Pyramid

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Pyramid measures 6"x6"x5.25" tall

This pyramid is welded together from 10mm rods. 

All pyramids are paired with a small Bamboo Magic Mallet for rub or striking play.

A quartz pyramid is a chime like instrument with a luxurious sustain. We had our resident quartz technician create a few of each size to give a broad range of tones. Smaller pyramids will have higher tones while the larger pyramids have a lower fundamental tone. What sets the pyramid apart from other quartz instruments is the built in interference achieved by having all of the quartz rods ringing out at one time. A single rod would have a pure, fundamental focused tone with a smooth sustain and gentle release. Once you add to the structure the sound of each rod is affected by the next creating a shimmering effect as the sound focus follows the phase of the vibrating rods.

Quartz pyramids have a mysterious sound that is so much more than just the fundamental tone. The instrument is easily mounted on a stand and functions perfectly in composition anywhere you would use an uplifting high frequency sound effect. The pyramid is perfect in place of a tingsha or chime, its timbre cuts through the sounds of other instruments making it a perfect pair with metal or crystal singing bowls. The lingering tone makes the pyramid perfect for marking time or transitions throughout a composition. The pyramid holds its own in an arrangement. A unique instrument with wonderful sonic characteristics, the quartz pyramid is a delightful conversation starter that can play many roles in your sound field.

Although it is a common manner in which this instrument is used, Crystal Vibes cautions against using the pyramid over the person of a prone listener. While this seems like an intuitive move the instrument is still made of quartz and if an accident were to occur the responsibility falls on the user. The instrument creates enough sonic information that working in the nearfield, in an off body practice is more than enough and the passing over of the prone listener is unnecessary.

  • Contact HK for special silicone/ rubber strikers.
  • Carry quartz pyramid in a sold box with ample bubble wrap or styrafoam padding. 

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